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All about Sneh Bihari Ji Temple

May 13 | 5min

Vrindavan is the ultimate holy place for Vaishnavas all over the world. The love for Krishna attracts over half of a million devotees in this small town of India. Usually, you may have heard of Radha Raman temple, Banke Bihari temple, Prem Mandir, or Iskcon Vrindavan, but not many people are aware of the temple of Sneh Bihari Ji.

Devotees who regularly visit Vrindavan find themselves home at this place where Radha and Krishna once lived. The tagline, "I lost my heart in Vrindavan," has become quite famous among the devotees because here, every temple has a story to tell.

This blog will make you fall in love with the Sneh Bihari Vrindavan temple as it exemplifies the devotion and dedication of pure-hearted devotees.

The fascinating story of Sneh Bihari Ji temple

The desire of a devotee

About 250 years ago, Snehilal Goswami, a scholar of the Haridasia tradition, used to work at Shri Banke Bihari Temple. He was a Shyana Bhoga Seva Adhikari in that temple. While serving the Lord, a desire emerged in his heart to have a child just like Banke Bihari. Lord Krishna fulfilled his desire the same night. He visited Snehilal Goswami in his dream and asked him to go to a cowshed. Lastly, the Lord instructed him to find a dark-colored cow and dig the ground underneath her.

A miracle happened

The next day, Shri Snehilal Goswamiji went to that place and got the sweet surprise of his life. He found a beautiful idol similar to Shri Banke Bihariji. Goswami renamed this idol Shri Radha Sneh Bihari Ji.

Snehilal built a small temple in honor of this beautiful form of Sneh Bihariji. He looked after and served this temple for many years. His joy reached cloud nine whenever he worshipped his Lord with all his heart and soul. One fine day, he left his body in peace and departed from this material world. Before dying, he handed over the responsibilities of the temple and the service of God to his nephew, Sri Giridharlal Goswamiji. The latter was a famous Sanskrit scholar known for the preaching of Srimad Bhagavatam.

The struggle and success

After Girdharlal Goswamiji, the responsibilities came on the shoulder of Shri Mool Bihari Shastriji. He looked after every service and worship of Shri Radha Sneh Bihari temple, but the existing temple was no longer accommodating to the visitors. He desired to build a grand temple. Unfortunately, the Lord had some different plans. Mool Bihari left his body at the age of 47. His son, Shri Mridul Krishna Goswamiji, took the responsibility to make his father’s desire a reality. With devotion and dedication, he strived hard and established the temple on 4 May 2003.

Sneh Bihari Temple at Vrindavan

Now the temple has spread over 1000 square yards. Beautified with top-notch white and red marble, this temple has eye-catching traditional carvings. Eighty beautifully crafted columns give a touch of royalty to the temple.

Today the temple is in its full glory. Thousands of devotees come to see the Lord daily. Sneh Bihari ashram Vrindavan rooms are 40 made for guests who wish to spend time in the presence of the Lord. Above all, the temple complex also has a massive parking lot.

Of course, one will undoubtedly experience the essence of Vrindavan in this temple as it away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Many devotees come here to submerge their mind, body, and soul in the devotion of the Lord. Visit Shri Radha Sneh Bihari ashram in Vrindavan to plan your stay.

Godly Cloud will make sure you never miss a chance to watch online darshan of this beautiful temple. You cannot take your eyes off the beautiful deities of Radha Sneh Bihari Ji. Lord Krishna personally resides in the place where his devotees serve him with devotion and love.

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The daily devotional service of Shri Radha Sneh Bihari Vrindavan temple

The idea of deity worship has deep spiritual significance. Every temple follows a unique way of showing its devotion to the Lord. In Shri Sneh Bihari Mandir Vrindavan, devotees perform devotional service in three parts: Shringar, Rajbhaga, and Shyana.

The Shringar Aarti consists of bathing, dressing, and decorating the idol with jewelry such as crowns and necklaces. Then comes the time for the second service, Rajbhoga consisting of food offered to the Lord. Shayan Seva or service starts in the evening.

Unlike many temples, Sneh Bihari Temple doesn’t allow the tradition of the early morning Aarti. Out of his devotion, Swami Haridas believed that he wanted his Lord to rest more, as Lord Krishna would grow tired dancing with the gopis in Nidhivan.

Shri Sneh Bihari temple timings

Every day, the temple opens for devotees from 4:30 am to 11:00 am. The darshan time reopens from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Devotees follow this schedule seven days a week. However, the timings may go through changes if there is any festival. Shri Radha Sneh Bihari aarti keeps happening during this schedule.

Prasad or sanctified food at Radha Sneh Bihari temple

In Vrindavan, every temple has a special food recipe offered to the Lord as prasad or sanctified food. The most popular sweet of Shri Radha Sneh Bihari Ji is Peda Rawadi, made from cow's milk. You can take this sweet as an offering to the Lord, but keep in mind the most important thing is you should present is your devotion.

Temple priests offer every offering to Bihari Ji; you can give some Dakshina or charity to the temple. Last but not least, you can also present flower garlands of red roses, marigold, and basil to the Lord. Search for Sneh Bihari ashram Vrindavan contact number to book a room to stay.

Reasons that make Radha Sneh Bihari Ji so adorable

Vedic scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam declare Lord Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the seed-giving father, the creator of material and spiritual worlds.

Lord Krishna is addressed as Bhakt Vatsal, meaning one who is always eager to help his devotees. Sneha Bihari Ji is Krishna himself who has taken this name to bless anyone who visits this beautiful temple. Let us learn some reasons from Bhagavad Gita why one should worship Sneh Bihari.

  • Radha Sneh Bihari loves his devotees

    Many of us turn to God only in the time of distress or need. Krishna gave us Bhagavad Gita 5,000 years ago to understand the true meaning of life and how to reestablish our lost connection with him. Throughout the chapters of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna explains that he loves his devotees more than they love themselves.

    Not only humans, but Krishna’s love expands to every living being and creation of this world. Thus, when we sing bhajans and Aartis at Radha Sneh Bihari temple, these devotional activities help us evoke love for Lord Krishna.

  • Sneh Bihari is your friend

    We look at God as the creator and destroyer of the material world. Not to mention, religiously devoted people fear committing sins. They feel that God will send them to hell if they engage in sinful activities. So, either we box God as an all punishing entity and someone to fear every point of life. Lord Krishna, however, wants us to treat him as a friend and well-wisher. As the Supersoul or Parmatma, he sits within our hearts and always tries to guide us as an inner voice. It is up to us if we choose him as a friend or ignore him.

  • One can meditate upon the attractive form of Sneh Bihari Ji

    Meditation has become an integral part of many health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts. Even a non-religious person practices meditation because science has proved its benefits.

    Many yogis and mystics have graced India with their teachings, who meditated upon Lord Vishnu within their hearts. Still, many such saints exist. In short, the ultimate object of meditation is not some light or nothingness but Lord Krishna. He is Yogeshwar in Bhagavad Gita, which means Lord of all yogic paths. If a devotee meditates upon Sneha Bihari Ji, one will get material and spiritual benefits.

  • Shri Radha Sneh Bihari Ji listens to his devotees

    Just like Sneha Bihari Ji fulfilled the desire of Snehilal Goswami, he is eager to listen to all prayers of devotees to visit him with devotion. Furthermore, Vedic Puranas have several pastimes of Lord Krishna where he showers love upon his devotees who devote themselves to him. Indeed, Vedic scriptures say nothing can bind Krishna because he is the Lord of material and spiritual worlds. You can tie Krishna only with the ropes of your devotion.

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Q1) What is the best time to visit Sneh Bihari Vrindavan temple in a year?

Visiting a temple on special occasions has its significance. A devotee can access the special mercy of the Lord during Kartik Maas. This year, 2021, Kartik Maas is going to start from October 24 hours to November 19. The significance of this month is more crucial in the Vaishnava tradition. Many beautiful pastimes of the Lord have taken place this month, such as Damodar Lila.

Devotees usually offer a lamp to Lord Krishna throughout the month to gain special mercy. One can visit Vrindavan and take darshan of all significant temples. Spiritually, Lord Krishna loves Kartik Maas the most.

Q2) Which fast should I observe to please Lord Krishna or Vishnu?

Vaishnavas observe Ekadashi fasting out of devotion to Lord Vishnu or Krishna without fail. This fasting is much easier compared to the other fasts dedicated to the different Hindu gods and goddesses. On the day of Ekadashi, a person should abstain from consuming grains and have only fruits and milk. There are a total of 25 Ekadashis in a year. One of the Ekadashis, called Nirjala Ekadashi, has the merit of all 25 Ekadashis if a person observes it. However, it has pretty stringent rules. One shouldn’t even drink water the entire day, let alone fruits or milk.

Q3) Out of all mantras available in Vedic scripture, which is the most powerful mantra of Lord Krishna?

In Kali Santarana Upanishad, Lord Brahma says Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra is the best mantra of Lord Krishna in this age of Kali-Yuga. Many dedicated devotees chant 16 rounds of 108 beads daily as their spiritual practice. This mantra became popular in the west in the 1960s through rock music and the humble efforts of Srila Prabhupada’s mission to spread Krishna’s teachings in western countries. A recent scientific study on Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra has shown impressive results on people suffering from anxiety and Schizophrenia.

However, one can chant various mantras, such as Vishnu Sahasranama and Om Namo Bhagavate Vāsudevāya. It would be best if you chant this mantra to evoke devotion in your heart instead of seeking material gains.

Q4) Is there any dress code one has to wear before visiting Sneh Bihari Ji temple, and what about the entry fee?

There is no entry fee. The temple authorities impose no specific dress code on the visitors. However, one should wear modest clothes whenever visiting any temple to maintain the dignity of the holy place. Wearing traditional clothes is apt and brings a sense of respect. Apart from considering the dress code, one should visit Shri Radha Sneh Bihari Ji with a mood of devotion and reverence.

Q5) What is the significance of Aartis that goes on throughout the day in Radha Sneh Bihari Mandir Vrindavan?

Not just in this temple, any Hindu temple you may visit has specific Aartis throughout the day. Traditionally speaking, Aartis purify the consciousness of the visitors where one can engage ears, eyes, and tongues in the service of the glories of the Lord. A deity in the temple is not just an idol but treated as a person so that devotees can get a chance to do devotional service.