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How to do Kashi Vishwanath Live Darshan

April 2 | 5min

Kashi Vishwanath temple is one of the most famous Shiva temples globally and attracts thousands of devotees every day. The temple houses Shiva Jyotirlinga. The darshan of the Jyotirlinga will give you a clean slate and clear all your bad Karma. It is blissful and therapeutic. The darshan of the temple will help you lead a sin-free life. However, it is not always possible for devotees to visit the temple physically. Covid-19 restrictions have worsened the situation. Many people cannot travel to Varanasi to prostrate before their beloved deity. For them, Godly Cloud brings Kashi Vishwanath live darshan.

Kashi Vishwanath live darshan will ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of the mandir visit from the comfort of your own home. You can participate in Ganga aarti and chant along with the purohits in the temple, with Kashi Vishwanath live darshan, only with Godly Cloud.

Kashi Vishwanath is regarded as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Jyotirlingas are the twelve most prestigious Shiva temples. Practitioners of Hinduism believe that visiting all the jyotirlingas frees you from sins and bad Karma.

The benefits of visiting different jyotirlingas are different from one another. If you pray at Kashi Vishwanath mandir, you will be free from all types of Karma.

Kashi Vishwanath temple is located at Vishwanath Gali, in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. While the reason for your pilgrimage to Varanasi maybe this Jyotirlinga- the city is home to many more famous temples and deities. The bliss of Kashi Vishwanath

The bliss of Kashi Vishwanath Darshan

Temples are a place where people rejoice in their belief in the almighty. The notion that God is omnipresent is true, but the need for temples is undying due to our lack of focus. Being in a place of worship helps us meditate and see a new perspective. Kashi Vishwanath Darshan is no different. Worshipping the destroyer, the almighty Shiva, makes the devouts feel blessed and protected. The temple embraces the worshippers in a whiff of bliss and euphoria. Saints from around the country visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple to be blessed by Lord Shiva.

Legend has it; if you visit Kashi Vishwanath mandir and pray with all your heart and soul, all your sins will be washed away. You will get a clean slate of karmas. The fresh start helps you achieve Moksha by practicing good deeds.

Though it's not always possible to worship your God in person, for that, Godly Cloud brings you Kashi Vishwanath live darshan.

Importance of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Beside the banks of the holy Ganga, Varanasi is one of the holiest Indian cities. For ages, famous saints and mahatmas have visited the Kashi Vishwanath temple to attain Moksha. The opportunity to take a dip in the sacred Ganges is one of the many benefits of visiting the Kashi Vishwanath temple. The dip in the Ganges is an add-on, but if you want to enjoy all the benefits of visiting the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir, you can always opt for Kashi Vishwanath live darshan.

Hindus from around the globe carry the aspiration to visit Kashi Vishwanath once in a lifetime. Saints believe in attaining Moksha; you should make a pilgrimage to Kashi Vishwanath in Varanasi and then to Rameshwar temple in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu. After visiting both the temples, you must give up one desire to get the best results. The desire can be anything from as small as stop eating your favourite food to as big as restraining from marriage.

Godly Cloud is here to help you attain bliss with Kashi Vishwanath live darshan.

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History of Kashi Vishwanath Dham

Now you know the history of the temple. But still, a question remains, how did the temple come into existence?

The temple of Kashi Vishwanath is mentioned in the Puranas. The legend has it that once Lord Vishnu, the God of preservation, and Lord Brahma, the God of creation, argued over supremacy.

To put an end to the conflict, Lord Shiva pierced the three worlds into an endless pillar of light, i.e., the Jyotirlinga. Shiva challenged them to go around the Jyotirlinga, and the winner of the race would be declared superior. To win the race, Vishnu took the form of

Varaha, i.e., a boar, and started searching for the pillar's bottom. On the other hand, Brahma took the form of a swan and started the journey by flying in search of the pillar's top.

Brahma lied and said that he came back after completing the round around the Jyotirlinga to win the race. On the other hand, Vishnu accepted defeat and accepted that he couldn't complete the round because he couldn't find the bottom. At this, Shiva turned his wrath toward Brahma and beheaded Brahma's fifth head, which was lying. Shiva further cursed Brahma that no one will worship him anywhere except one.

To reward the honesty of Vishnu, Shiva declared that Lord Vishnu will be treated as his equal and will be worshipped by all for all eternity.

Since its founding, the Kashi Vishwanath temple has become one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for Hindus. So what is the significance of the Jyotirlinga here? Read on.

What do Jyotirlinga and Kashi Vishwanath Shivling represent?

The Jyotirlinga is an ancient representation of axis Mundi (in astronomy, axis Mundi represents Earth's axis between the Celestial Poles). Its endless and beginningless pillar or lingam symbolized the infinite power of Shiva.

So Kashi Vishwanath shivling embodies the power of Shiva, which has no beginning or end. The Jyotirling represents that Shiva is the core of creation and his supremacy is formless.

All the twelve Jyotirlinga are named after the presiding deity, who are just different forms of Shiva. All the Jyotirlinga have a primary image of Shivling, which represents his limitless power and infinite nature.

So, if you want to bask in the glory of Lord Shiva, you cannot miss out on Kashi Vishwanath. If you cannot visit the temple physically, go for Kashi Vishwanath live darshan on Godly Cloud.

Location & Advantage of visiting Jyotirlingas, including Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga

1. Visiting Saurashtra Somnath in Gujrat blesses the visitor with wealth and peace.

2. A visit to Mallikarjuna at Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh ensures freedom from all forms of bad energies.

3. Praying at Mahakaleshwar at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh ensures freedom from fears and sins.

4. Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh showers the visitor with comfort, wealth, and peace.

5. Kedarnath in the Himalayas is the Jyotirlinga that awards Mukti from the process of rebirth.

6. Visiting Bhimashankar in Maharashtra will ensure that you are victorious over all the evils.

7. Praying at Kashi Vishwanath at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh frees the visitor from all bad Karma and gives the visitor a clean slate to lead a sin-free life.

8. A visit to Trimbakeshwar at Nasik in Maharashtra and all your wishes will be granted.

9. Parli Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga at Deogarh in Jharkhand cures all illnesses and diseases of the visitor. Many people visit Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga in the hope of staying healthy and fighting chronic illnesses.

10. Nageshwar at Dwarka in Gujarat is famous for riding the visitor of all his sins.

11. Visiting Rameshwar at Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu and giving araj to the lingam from Kashi Ganga's water will bring the visitor great Punya and ensure a clear path to the doors of Kailash.

12. Grishneshwar at Aurangabad in Maharashtra will grant the visitor with wealth beyond bounds.

Though visiting so many jyotirlingas is not possible for all. To remedy your problems, Godly Cloud brings you Kashi Vishwanath live darshan.

Structure of Kashi Vishwanath Mandir Varanasi

The Kashi Vishwanath temple's home- the Vishwanath Galli, is also home to several other deities. The small shrines are dedicated to different gods, including Kaalbhairav, Dhandapati, Vishnu, Vinayak, Avimukteshwaranand, Sanishwara, Virupaksha, and Virupaksha Gauri.

The Vishwanath temple has two parts. First is the sabha griha, which is the grand meeting and congregation hall. The second part is the inner Garbha Griha which is the Sanctum Sanctorum. The linga is placed in the garbhagriha and is brown.

There is a small well in the temple too. The temple is said to hold wisdom and is called Gyaan Vapi by the locals. The well sits at the north of the temple. At the time of the Mughal invasion, the Jyotirlinga was hidden in the well to protect it from ruin. At the time of the invasion, the legends have it that the Kashi Vishwanath temple's head priest jumped in the well along with the Shiva Linga to protect it from invaders.

Attend Mahashivratri through Kashi Vishwanath Live Darshan App

The perfect day to get Kashi Vishwanath darshan is during Mahashivratri, the great night of Lord Shiva. Fasting on Mahashivratri is a hundred times more beneficial than other days.

Thousands and thousands of ardent followers gather at the bank of Ganga to perform Ganga Aarti. This Aarti performance is one of the blissful sights in the entire year where a devotee can attract Lord Shiva's blessings to progress in spiritual and material life.

Best Alternative of Kashi Vishwanath Darshan

After reading so much, I am sure you want to visit all the Jyotirlinga. If not all, you might have already planned to see a few to enjoy the beauty and energies of the ancient temples.

At times, we are unable to act at our hearts' desires. If you want to visit these holy places and attend their elaborate Aarti but cannot find the time, Godly Cloud is here for you. We offer you Kashi Vishwanath live darshan. Not only Kashi Vishwanath but many more temples so that you can pray to your God from the comfort of your home.

Live darshan is an easy and convenient way to pray to gods and enjoy ancient architecture's beauty. Embrace the energies of the mantra chants from your home with Kashi Vishwanath live darshan today!


For every devout Hindu, the Kashi Vishwanath temple holds a special place. If you can visit this holy city and the shrine- you will get a sense of unparalleled spiritual fulfilment. However, with the Covid 19 pandemic- even the local visitors have had to hold back from visiting the temple. In case you cannot pay a visit to your beloved deity in person, you can always enjoy a live darshan.

Godly Cloud brings you the golden opportunity to enjoy the heritage, culture, architecture, and energies of the Kashi Vishwanath temple from the comfort of your home. Opt for Kashi Vishwanath live darshan and shower your family with the blessings from Lord Shiva.

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Q1) Why is the Kashi Vishwanath temple famous?

The temple of Kashi Vishwanath, also known as the Shri Vishweshar temple, is one of the twelve jyotirlingas. The jyotirlingas are dear to Lord Shiva as he proved his supremacy over other gods by splitting the three worlds. The Lingams, which are symbolic of Jyotirlingas, represent the eternal power and infinite vastness of Lord Shiva.

Q2) What is the best time to visit Kashi Vishwanath Varanasi?

Winter is the most beautiful season in Varanasi and is also the best time to visit the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir. Indians enjoy winter from November to February. The weather is calm, with a cool breeze around the day. Summers in Varanasi can be a bit hot and harsh and should be avoided. To avoid summer and still get the best darshan, opt for Kashi Vishwanath live darshan.

Q3) Why is Kashi Vishwanath Mandir Banaras Important?

Kashi is the spiritual center of India. Along with the Kashi Vishwanath temple, the city resides on the banks of the holy Ganges. Hinduism believes that if you die in Kashi or get cremated in the city, you will be free from the process of rebirth and attain Moksha. The city is a major attraction for pilgrims.

Q4) How much time does it take for Kashi Vishwanath darshan?

On a typical day, a visit to the temple can be around 2-3 hours. However, if you visit the temple on an auspicious day, like Monday, mahashivratri, or pradosh, it might take longer and cannot be predicted. Though, once inside, you can only stay in front of the shivling for a few minutes because of the crowd and long lines. To remedy this situation, Godly Cloud brings you Kashi Vishwanath live darshan. You can attain the blessings of God from your home and stay in front of him for longer than a few minutes.

Q5) Where should I live in Varanasi?

As Varanasi is a tourist location and a holy attraction, there are several high-end hotels for your visit. If you are looking to save a few pennies, you can stay at the ashrams in Varanasi. The ashrams are as good as three-star hotels and would give you the feel of real Varanasi. Though what can be better than enjoying the darshan of Kashi Vishwanath from home with your family. You can log on to Godly Cloud for Kashi Vishwanath live darshan.

Q6) What time is the Ganga Arti in Varanasi?

The Ganga Arti in Varanasi occurs at Dashashwamedh ghat, which is the holiest of all the ghats. The timing of Aarti varies in summers and winters. In the summers, the Aarti takes place at 6:30 p.m. after sundown. In winter, the Aarti takes place at 7 p.m. You can participate in Ganga Arti from home with the help of Godly Cloud.