Our Vision

Godly wants to enable the devout from getting blessings on demand. We aim to use all tools available to transform the devotion experience for the digital age. Godly is a native consumer app that would provide a full-stack devotional experience to millions of devout folk across the world. It is our vision to aggregate millions of temples for billions of people.

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About Godly

Godly is a startup based in Jaipur, India. The spark behind the idea came when temples were shut, and healthy habits of devotees were broken during Covid-19. Having previously worked on engagement platforms and having confidence in how mobile and other smart devices have played a key transformational role, we saw a gap that devotion and technology have not had sufficient intersection. Defining Digital Devotion as an industry, helping devotees get blessings on-demand, and thinking about how devotion will be carried out in the near future is why we are banding together. We truly believe this is a change-the-world type of idea.


Aditya Sanghi - Founder

Aditya Sanghi

Founder, Director

Aditya is the CTO Emeritus at Punchh, a customer engagement platform with over 175mn consumers and some of the largest restaurant brands. A resident of Jaipur and alumnus of Queensland University of Technology, Australia, he has over 20 years of experience in building tech products and solving hard problems. An entrepreneur at heart, he rejoices in product and team building.

Critika Agrawal - Founding Team, Senior Business Analyst

Critika Agrawal

Founding Team, Senior Business Analyst

Critika Agrawal worked as a Customer Success Manager for Punchh, a restaurant loyalty platform, helped maintain customer engagement and retention for well-established brands like Yum! International, Lone Star, and TGIF’s. A member of the founding team for Godly, she works to build up the project and product specifications. A strong believer in Karma!

Vikas Verma - Founding Team, Software Engineer

Vikas Verma

Founding Team, Software Engineer

Vikas started his journey 4 years ago as Software Engineer at Punchh. An alumnus of Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra. He loves working on new technologies and solving tough problems.

Eishan Agarwal - Business Analyst

Eishan Agarwal

Business Analyst

Eishan began his career with entrepreneur skills doing the website flipping and domain flipping alongside maintaining the business development for the civil construction company and worked with clientele like NHAI, BRO, RSRDC gaining experience in regulating business projects for the company. A big fan of Cricket!